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Wood-burning steel stove PICARD Ø 150 9 kW

Wood-burning steel stove PICARD Ø 150 9 kW

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  • Fuel type: seasoned hardwood (moisture content ≤20%)
  • Rated output: 9 kW
  • Range of heating power: 8.0 - 12.0 kW
  • Material: steel
  • Thermal efficiency: 80%
  • Flue gas temperature: 231
  • Max log length: 25 cm
  • Type of glazing: semicircular
  • Door opening: to the left
  • Weight: 122 kg
  • Exhaust outlet diameter: 150 mm
  • Width: 51.8 cm
  • Height: 126.1 cm
  • Depth: 52.2 cm
  • Energy class: A+
  • EEI factor: 107
  • CO emissions (at 13% O2): 0.1 %
  • Pollen emissions: 37 mg/Nm3
  • Air intake: Yes
  • Combustion chamber lining: Yes
  • Ash box: Yes
  • Designed for recuperation: Yes

ThePICARD is a modern, eco-friendly freestanding cooker with a rounded front, made of steel that enhances the beauty of the fire.

Modern design:

  • The rounded glass adds to the aesthetics of the fire.
  • Interior lined with innovative TERMOTEC material, giving a modern look.
  • Robust slider/snap handle for easy and secure door closure.
  • Ideal for homes with recuperation, with an additional lockable compartment under the firebox to hide the air intake system.
  • Intuitive push-to-open system for the chamber door, eliminating the need for an additional handle.

Ecological combustion:

  • Meets Ecodesign and BImSchV 2 standards for maximum CO emissions.

Maximum energy utilisation:

  • Combustion chamber lined with TERMOTEC, a heat-accumulating material, improves combustion efficiency and temperature maintenance.
  • The combustion of fuel particles through the deflector extends the flue gas path and increases energy utilisation.
  • The flue gas outlet opening further improves efficiency.
  • External air supply via integrated intake spigot (fi 100 mm).
  • Triple air supply system: primary air under the grate, secondary air through openings in the rear wall.
  • Clean glass system (air curtain) in the cooker.

Safety at the highest level:

  • PICARD cooker front with heat-resistant ceramics, withstanding temperatures of up to 660°C.
  • High-quality steel construction ensures stability and resistance to high temperatures.
  • Robust noble gas shielded welds for excellent tightness.
  • Laser-cut and CNC machine-bent steel components for durability.

Convenient use:

  • Easy cleaning with removable grate and ash container.
  • The clean glass system prevents dirt build-up.
  • Flexible installation thanks to the possibility of installing the flue outlet from the top or rear of the cooker (top plate plug required for rear installation).

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