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Energy Recovery Ventilator AV-TTW6 (ECO pair1.0)

Energy Recovery Ventilator AV-TTW6 (ECO pair1.0)

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Technical data:

  • 3 gears
  • Power input ( I-5.9W II- 8.8W III- 11.3W)
  • Current ( I-0.03A II-0.05A III-0.06A)
  • Air flow in regeneration mode ( I-26 m3/h II-55 m3/h III- 64 m3/h)
  • Airflow inenergy recovery mode( I-14 m3/h II- 27m3/h III-32m3/h)
  • SFP ( W/m3/h) ( I-0.43 II-0.31 III-0.35)
  • Sound pressure level at 1m (I-28 dB II-32.9 dB III-36.7 dB)
  • Sound pressurelevel at 3m(I-12dB II-27.5 dB III-31.9 dB)
  • Regeneration efficiency up to 97%
  • Class A
  • Temperature of transported air -20 ~50
  • Indoor air quality monitor (outdoor temperature + indoor CO2).
  • Weight 3.4 kg
  • A 205 mm
  • B 60 mm
  • C 230-420 mm
  • D 129 mm


  • Elegant decorative front panel .Specially designed indoor unit can be magnetically connected for maximum airtightness and wind protection.Built-in automatic shutter prevents backflow.
  • Reversible DC motor. The reversible axial fan is equipped with EC technology.
  • The fan is characterised by low power consumption and quiet operation.
  • The fan motor has built-in thermal protection and ball bearings for a long service life.
  • Pre-filter and F7 filter (MERV11) as standard.
  • Mould prevention.
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